Baking Frenzy

I think I got the baking bug yesterday. I found out my sister was coming over for her birthday so I took it upon myself to bake her a cake. We'll I also decided to take her for a visit to the Hutterite Colony, so I decided to bake a couple cakes, since my friends birthday is on the 21st, and she'll be gone. So I baked 2 Pina Colada Cakes, Orange Chocolate Truffle Tarts and a brand new cake called "Double Chocolate Mousse Cake". I will be posting a recipe for this as it was a wonderful success!

I did decide that I only needed 1 Pina Colada Cake so I froze the other one for a friends birthday this coming week. I will take it out when I need it and put the whip cream frosting on it, and the coconut, then woo-la, I am good to go!