Eggplant Adobo


4 cups eggplant, cut into 1 inch pieces
1/4 cup vegetable or corn oil
1/2 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup soy sauce (low sodium works really well)
1 tbsp. finely minced garlic




Fry eggplant cubes in oil until brown. Set aside on paper towel to absorb the oil. In a sauce pan (I used a frying pan) bring vinegar, soy sauce and garlic to a boil and simmer for 6 minutes. Add fried eggplant to mixture and cook for 5 minutes more, turning eggplant several times. Serve hot.

~We loved this dish! It is so fast and yummy. The one thing that we would change is to use low sodium soy sauce to cut down on some of the salt. A wonderful appetizer...

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