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Wedding Mints

1 8 oz. package of cream cheese
1 bag powder sugar
candy flavoring (Mint, raspberry, strawberry ect. They can be found at Michaels orany candy or cake shop)
cake decorating colors
tiny rubber mint molds (found at cake and candy shops)
1/2 cup granulated sugar

Bring the cream cheese to room temperature, then take a piece of wax paper and put your cream cheese on it. Dump about 1/2 your bag of powder sugar on top. Keeping it within the confines of the wax paper (makes less of a mess). Mix it all with your hands. Mix and mix and mix until you can feel that you need more powder sugar. Mix enough powder sugar in until it is of a stiff consistency. But not too stiff. You want it stiff enough so that when you work with it in the molds it won't lose it's shape.

When it seems to have to correct consistency then add your flavor to taste and color to your liking. (Mint works great with green) You then take a small ball of mint mixture in your hand and roll it around in the granulated sugar. Then you press it into the rubber mold. Then just flip it over and press it out of the mold. The key is to always roll it in sugar before going into the mold and then it won't stick.

Now you have a completed mint ready to eat! Let dry for 24 hours then just lay them on a tray as we did or put them in a tin or plastic container, putting wax paper in between the layers. Then just freeze them until you eat them. The point is to get a bunch of friends together and have a lot of fun! The more the merrier.

~These can be frozen for several months
~You can read about my day making mints with the Hutterites on my blog. Making Wedding Mints with Friends

From: Glorious Grub Cookbook By. Joan Stewart

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