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Butternut Squash

1 squash
1/4 cup margarine or margarine
1/4 cup brown sugar if desired

Take your squash and cut in half. Since these can be hard to cut, I stick the tip of the blade in the top alongside the stem, push down and slice. Then turn it around and do the same to the other half. Much easier to get through the squash this way. Scoop out the seeds in the center and scoop the stringy bits out as well. (Don't through the seeds away though, these are yummy too.)

Take a baking sheet and place the squash face down so the meat in on the baking sheet. Place in a preheated 350 degree oven and bake for 1 1/2 -2 hours. You can tell it's done when the top of the squash starts to cave in or is soft too the touch. Take out of oven and flip over. You will be able to see that all the moisture was kept inside, by placing the squash face down. Take a large spoon and gently scoop out the meat, placing in a bowl. Put the margarine or butter in the squash and mix until melted.

This is very good with the brown sugar. It makes the squash a slightly sweet goodness.

Take your seeds and clean them, then pat dry on a paper towel. Place on a plate, salt to taste and place in the microwave. Cook for about 3 minutes, then take out and sift your fingers through them breaking them all apart. They will be hot! Place bake in a bake another 2-3 minutes and repeat. You'll be able to feel them drying out. When they feel dry enough try one, if it's a bit tough cook another couple minutes. They take about 6-8 minutes total.

-Eat or store in a airtight container for even a month or two.


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